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Student Life


Through the course of the school year, managers and professionals from the industry are invited to the campus to give special talks, seminars and demonstrations to students. Students have the chance to interact, ask questions and be inspired by these big names in the industry. What better way to learn that to hear real-life stories from the industry experts themselves!

iExplore National and International

Every year, national and international tours are specially arranged for students. These tours are voluntary and are designed for students to broaden their perspective on the hospitality industry. Special visits to hotels, restaurants, tourism offices and attractions, conferences and competitions are arranged to give students insight on global hospitality trends and practices.


To develop the students’ leadership and social skills, JIB creates and supports various student organizations. These organizations provide a venue where students can experience leading a team and being part of a team in planning and implementing student activities.

Other Events and Competitions

All throughout the school year, various events and competitions are organized by students to showcase their talents, skills and creativity. To name a few, in JIB we have food festivals, hospitality seminars and exhibits, skills competitions and fashion shows! Students develop their leadership, management and organization skills by planning these activities to implementing these and making sure that these are a success!

Local Industry Visit (LIV)

As part of the curricula, students have industry excursions to different local industries in the field of Hospitality, Culinary and Entrepreneurship. Students get to do a supervised ocular visit in 5-star hotels, see the latest trends and technologies and meet the successful managers and professionals behind these hospitality establishments.